Image of the Day: Once in a Blue Moon Lodge

Last night, Minnesota author Lorna Landvik launched her 11th book, Once in a Blue Moon Lodge, at an event hosted by Excelsior Bay Books. There was a sold-out crowd of 250 guests at Trinity Church in Excelsior, Minn., for the big night, which included an hour-long program, themed Norwegian and Minnesota refreshments, and prizes.

Pictured: (l-r): Emily Hamilton, Univ. of Minnesota Press; (back row) Debra Larssen, Lori Free and Pamela Klinger-Horn of Excelsior Bay Books; Matt Smiley, Univ. of Minnesota Press; Ann Woodbeck, Excelsior Bay Books. Front row: Ann Nye and Ellie Temple, co-owners of Excelsior Bay Books, flank author Lorna Landvik.

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