Washington's Watermark Book Company for Sale

Watermark Book Company, Anacortes, Wash., is for sale. In an e-mail to friends of the bookstore, owner Patti Pattee said that "after 35 years of bookselling, I have decided it's time to retire and pursue other passions."

Pattee and her late husband, Norman Sturdevant, founded Watermark in 1989. The store has faced "many challenges over the years, including the rock-slide that closed Highway 20, the growth of chain bookstores, Norman's death in 1999, the rise of the 'Big River' (Amazon.com), and the advent of eReaders," Pattee wrote.

But it is "a highly-regarded independent bookstore with a strong inventory as well as a knowledgeable, experienced staff. The business is healthy and growing. The future of the bookstore is bright in a community that treasures the arts, poetry, literature, and good bookstores.... Now, Watermark is ready for someone who is eager to take the art of the bookstore to the next level, whatever that may be."

People with a serious interest may contact Pattee via e-mail.

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