Saturn Booksellers Relocating '33 Steps to the East'

The new Saturn Booksellers in progress.

After almost 19 years in its current space, Saturn Booksellers, Gaylord, Mich., "is moving this month--33 steps to the east," according to owner Jill Miner. The bookshop's new home will be 127 W. Main St. "We'll still have a back door. It will even still open onto the same parking lot! We'll also have a front door onto Main St. and a door into the common space of the building, where there is to be, our landlord assures me, a coffee shop/bakery/wine bar or the like in the near future."

Miner offered a sneak peek, noting: "We're getting excited as it's starting to look like a retail space." Saturn will close May 7 "and start to pack books, with the Book Brigade happening Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening." Plans call for reopening May 15.

"Thanks for being Saturn customers for these many years!" Miner noted. "We had a fantastic 25th Anniversary celebration; we got to read with Skippyjon Jones to the North Ohio and South Maple kids, had a big party and Indie Bookstore Day celebration, had drawings for $25 gift certificates and gave away every 25th book we rang for two weeks. It was a blast. I hope you got to be a part of it. And I really hope you get to be a part of this new chapter in our lives--we can't wait to see you in our new space!"

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