'To Support the Authors You Love, Get Off Amazon'

Brooke Warner

"We can effect change and make our dissatisfaction about this policy known by buying elsewhere. Last year I got rid of Amazon Prime. Last month I tested the waters and bought backlist books at Book Passage and Powell's. It was great.... Yes, the shipping cost is higher and I didn't get two-day delivery for my purchases, but I had my peace of mind.

"Support indie bookstores. Beware of these third-party sellers. Before you buy, at least look at who you're buying from. Don't buy blindly. Consider the ramifications of your purchases. If you want to support the authors you love, get off Amazon."

--Brooke Warner, She Writes Press publisher, author and coach in a piece in the Huffington Post explaining how Amazon's new policy allowing third-party sellers to "bid" for books' buy buttons can damage publishers, authors and readers.


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