Happy 25th Birthday, Broadway Books!

Congratulations to Broadway Books, Portland, Ore., which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this coming Saturday, May 20, 2-5 p.m. Events will include a photo booth, an anniversary cake and cupcakes, a 25% discount on any one item in the store, a 25th anniversary book plate for free with a purchase and a free 25th anniversary book bag with a purchase of $100 or more.

Co-owner Kim Bissell told the Oregonian, "I'm proud of 25 years. We should be proud of 25 years."

Co-owner Sally McPherson said, "People are more excited about books now than I think they've been in the whole time I've been here [since 2005]. I think part of that is the whole retro analog resurgence. I think part of it is the election. I think people are like, 'I need to read more, I need to learn about other people, I need to learn about other cultures, I need to read about politics, I need to understand.' For some people it's, 'I just need an escape.' "

Broadway Books was founded in 1992 by Roberta Dyer and Gloria Borg Olds.

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