Obituary Note: Peter Mangold

British political historian Peter Mangold, who was the author of "seven acclaimed works on international politics, a visiting academic at St Antony's College, Oxford, and, for 10 years, head of the Bengali service of the BBC World Service," has died, the Guardian reported. He was 70. Mangold's works include From Tirpitz to Gorbachev; Success and Failure in British Foreign Policy and The Almost Impossible Alliance: Harold Macmillan and Charles de Gaulle. In 2013, he won the Edith McLeod literary prize for Britain and the Defeated French: From Occupation to Liberation 1940–1944.

In the Guardian, Valerie Purton wrote: "Peter had the knack of engaging his readers from the outset. The introduction to his last completed monograph, What the British Did: Two Centuries in the Middle East (2016), begins with a quotation from Kipling's Kim: 'When everyone is dead the Great Game is finished. Not before.' It then swoops, film-like, to the remains of a Roman fort on the River Tyne at South Shields, as the starting point for a panoramic history of the Middle East and Britain.... This juxtaposition of weighty academic research and vivid impressionism suggests the complexity of the man."

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