Happy 10th Birthday, River Lights Bookstore

Congratulations to River Lights Bookstore in Dubuque, Iowa, which will mark its 10th anniversary with a celebration on June 3 featuring door prizes, goodies for the kids, special discounts and cake. Noting that "our years on Main Street have been a wonderful adventure and we have loved being a part of the revitalization of the district," owner Sue Davis said the bookshop's customers are "passionate about literature and value real books and honest recommendations. Their support over the years has allowed this indie bookstore to thrive in Dubuque."

Davis is personally celebrating 30 years as a bookseller. She recalled "having learned the trade from Margaret and Martha Fuerste while working at Inn Books. After Margaret closed that store, six of us including the Fuerstes, Ellen Haley, Sue Simon and Elinor Weis opened River Lights Bookstore in Plaza 20 and then later moved to Wacker Plaza. When my partners decided to move on to other adventures, I decided to continue doing what I love and the 1000 Block of Main seemed like the perfect place. I was able to start from scratch at 1098 Main and design my ideal indie bookstore. Focusing on personal attention, community involvement, devotion to the cause of literature and a commitment to local authors."

Over the past decade, River Lights "withstood the opening (and closing) of Borders. Witnessed the rise and decline of e-books. And has weathered the storm of online mega-retailing. What has always set River Lights apart is our passion for literature, the events we host and the personal service we offer. The Indiebound tagline has always said it best... Culture, Community, and Connectedness," Davis observed.

She also praised the bookstore's staff, who "have diverse expertise in varying book genres and talents for merchandising that add to our ambiance," as well as "the unwavering support of my husband Steve Oeth, my children Emma and Walter, and my designer (and friend) Carla Heathcote. I couldn’t have gotten this business off the ground without Elizabeth Eagle nor found my footing without Marie Moronez."

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