IPG Adds 23 Publishers

Independent Publishers Group and its subsidiaries have added 27 publishers.

Distributed by IPG, effective earlier this year:
Albert Whitman & Company, Park Ridge, Ill., which has published children's books since 1919, including the Boxcar Children Mysteries series.

Amazing People World Wide, which publishes first-person biographies of inspirational historical figures.

BMG Books, the new publishing arm of the global BMG music label.

BQB Publishing, founded in 2010, which helps authors with every step of book publishing.

Diplomat Books, New York City, a recently founded publisher of travel books for children.

DreamTitle Publishing, which publishes the I'm a Girl! Collection of inspirational children's books.

Outlook Words & Art, publishes work by former NFL player Trevor Pryce, whose Kulipari series was adapted into an animated show by Netflix.

Mosaic Press, Oakville, Ontario, which has been publishing Canadian writing of all genres since 1975.

Distributed by IPG's Trafalgar Square subsidiary:
Dragonfly Group, publishers of the What's So Special About series, which introduces children to various dinosaurs.

Suitcase Media International, London, the publishing arm of SUITCASE, a mulitmedia travel magazine, who will release the Cook for Syria Recipe Book, a companion to the international fundraising effort Cook for Syria.

Troika Books, Cochester, England, which publishes children's fiction, picture books and YA fantasy adventures.

Ragged Bears, Sherborne, England, which has 30 years of experience publishing children's fiction and nonfiction.

Distributed by IPG's INscribe Digital subsidiary:
JMS Books, Virginia, which specializes in gay fiction with romantic and/or erotic elements.

Pro Audio Voices, which is expanding its voice over services to include audiobook narration.

Stonesong Digital, the e-book arm of Stonesong, a publisher and literary agency founded in 1979.

Dudley Court Press, which provides publishing services for authors.

Davis Raynes Publishing Group, a publisher with two imprints: After Glows Publishing, for romance and erotica, and Opal Moon Press for YA titles.

Pressed Wafer, an independent literary publisher of poetry, fiction and memoir.

Bocconi University Press, an imprint of EGEA, the publisher of Bocconi University, Milan.

Distributed by IPG's Academic and Professional Publishing Program:
Southeast Missouri State University Press, founded in 2001, which allows university students to learn publishing skills while earning a Minor in small-press publishing. Its books include academic and literary writing.

Distributed by IPG's Art Stock Books subsidiary:
modo Verlag, Freiburg, Germany, a publisher of art books, exhibition catalogs, monographs and design books since 1997.

Distributed by IPG's Spanish Books subsidiary:
Maximo Potenci, Elche, Spain, which publishes self-help titles, including Spanish-language editions of Tony Robbins's books.

Nostra Eidciones: Panorama Editorial, Mexico, publisher of a range of titles for children and adults since 1979. Effective August 1, 2017.

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