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From last week's Indie bestseller lists, available at, here are the recommended titles, which are also Indie Next Great Reads:

Ginny Moon: A Novel by Benjamin Ludwig (Park Row Books, $26.99, 9780778330165). "In a novel both heartwarming and heartbreaking, Benjamin Ludwig draws you into Ginny Moon's world and has you holding your breath until the last page. Told from Ginny's perspective, the story gives readers the unique advantage of seeing the world in all its confusion through the eyes and mind of a 13-year-old autistic girl. Taken from an abusive mother when she was nine, Ginny has struggled within the foster care system for several years, finally ending up with her current 'forever family.' Ginny is lovable yet frustrating, and totally unforgettable!" --Maxwell Gregory, Lake Forest Book Store, Lake Forest, Ill.

'Round Midnight: A Novel by Laura McBride (Touchstone, $25.99, 9781501157783). "Four women, five decades, and one Las Vegas nightclub come together in a powerful story of lust, grief, and family ties. Laura McBride spins a richly evocative tale of the glory days of Las Vegas and the women who inhabit this world. Their stories are intertwined both with and without their knowledge, and together they forge a future that none of them could foresee. Taking readers from the depths of grief and then sending them soaring with emotion, 'Round Midnight is an awe-inspiring novel that deserves to be on the bookshelf of every avid reader." --Pamela Klinger-Horn, Excelsior Bay Books, Excelsior, Minn.

The Garden of Small Beginnings: A Novel by Abbi Waxman (Berkley, $16, 9780399583582). "Lilian Girvan is a young widow going through the motions: mother of two, newly unemployed, and navigating life's daily aggravations. When she grudgingly signs up for a weekly gardening class, she's surprised to find support, wisdom, and the possibility of a new relationship. Lilian is a funny, sassy everywoman who will make you laugh out loud, cry a little, and cheer as she takes tentative steps toward her own small beginnings of happiness. Abbi Waxman's debut novel will be enjoyed by fans of The School of Essential Ingredients and anyone who believes that happiness can be a choice regardless of what life brings." --Cindy Pauldine, the river's end bookstore, Oswego, N.Y.

For Ages 4 to 8
Bunny's Book Club by Annie Silvestro, illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss (Doubleday, $17.99, 9780553537581). "Bunny's Book Club is an absolutely adorable book about a bunny who loves books. He sneaks into the library and borrows some books, but soon his friends wonder what he is up to. The book is full of fun illustrations and encourages a love of reading." --Debbie Buck, Vintage Books, Vancouver, Wash.

For Ages 9 to 12
The Wingsnatchers: Carmer and Grit, Book One by Sarah Jean Horwitz (Algonquin, $17.95, 9781616206635). "The world needs more middle-grade steampunk, and The Wingsnatchers: Carmer and Grit fits that bill perfectly. It blends fantasy and technology in an intriguing mesh of automatons, faeries, and magic shows. Human boy Carmer and faerie girl Grit are quite the pair, and their friendship blossoms beautifully as the story unfolds. This is an excellent debut you can really sink your teeth into." --Emily Hall, Main Street Books, St. Charles, Mo.

For Teen Readers
Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale by Ashley Poston (Quirk Books, $18.99, 9781594749476). "Meet devoted Starfield fangirl Elle: part-time worker at the Magic Pumpkin food truck, full-time slave to her stepmother and stepsisters. Then there's popular, airbrushed celebrity Darien: first choice to play Starfield Federation prince in the new remake, closet geek whom fame forced into the role of teen heartthrob. And finally, one beloved sci-fi TV series that is the focus of ExcelsiCon, the brainchild of Elle's late father. Nerd sparks fly when ExcelsiCon announces a cosplay contest and masked ball. The rest is a delight to discover as Elle and Darien realize what they want and go after it in true fandom fashion." --Maggie Hills, La Playa Books, San Diego, Calif.

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