Obituary Note: Carla Poesio

Carla Poesio, one of the founders of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, died last month, the Bookseller reported. The fair, which attracts more than 1,300 exhibitors from around 80 countries, opened in 1963. Poesia contributed to a book celebrating its semicentennial, Bologna: Fifty Years of Children's Books from All Over the World.

"For over 50 years her work, her suggestions and skills--always up-to-date--were a huge help for our event, open to every new trend and aspect of the children's books from across the world," said a spokesperson for the fair. "It's a terrible loss for the Bologna Children's Book Fair, that owes her so much, even its birth as a show. Carla contributed to the research about international publishing, suggested by Renato Giunti [fellow founder and publisher], who recognized in the city of Bologna a centerpoint for the foundations of a fair, a space for professionals and artists alike."

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