Bucknell U.P. Books to Be 'Integrated' into Rutgers Publishing Program

In a new partnership beginning in spring 2018, Bucknell University Press books will be fully integrated into the Rutgers University Press publishing program.

Founded in 1968, Bucknell University Press signs more than 30 titles a year in the arts and humanities, with series in 18th-century studies, Latin American studies and Iberian studies, among others. Rutgers aims provide Bucknell with the opportunity to deliver its books to the broadest possible audience.

Micah Kleit, director of Rutgers University Press, called the partnership "a win-win for both presses: in Rutgers, Bucknell gains a partner that is a kindred university press, one that understands the intrinsic value of such a place and its role in university life and whose prestige and reach has been established now for over 80 years. In Bucknell, Rutgers gains a partner whose list adds depth and breadth to its own. Together, both presses will enjoy the opportunity to expand their visibility in their respective fields and take advantage of the economies of scale that we attain by working together."

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