Awards: Diagram Oddest Book Title

The Commuter Pig Keeper: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Pigs When Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity by Michaela Giles "hogged the limelight, garnering 40% of the public vote" to win the Bookseller's 39th annual Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. The porcine publication fought off "a late surge from Renniks Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Coin Errors: The Premier Guide for Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Coin Errors, which earned 32.7% of votes," the Bookseller noted. The winner receives the traditional "passable bottle of claret."

Tom Tivnan, Diagram Prize co-ordinator and features editor at the Bookseller, said: "Is it any wonder that Michaela Giles's title sowed the seeds of love amongst the Diagram electorate? Pigs have long been favorites of readers as the main characters in a broad section of works from E.B. White's Charlotte's Web to George Orwell's Animal Farm to Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal.... And it is a triumph that will surely resonate with celebrity pig lovers such as George Clooney and David Cameron."

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