Kitchen Arts & Letters: 'Worth the Trek'

Kitchen Arts & Letters in New York City "has been a bookstore staple for many chefs, home cooks and food lovers for more than three decades," Megy Karydes wrote in Forbes magazine, noting that she recently made time on a trip to the city to stop by "and, boy, I wasn't disappointed. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are lined with decadent books on everything from how to cook, sustainability, food history and, of course, cookbooks. Lots of cookbooks. You could spend hours in the space, even though it's tiny, because it's so well-curated. You'll find books you never knew you needed. The scrumptious imagery in the heavy tomes beg you to risk your luggage being overweight on the scale. Images of freshly-baked bread or elegantly-plated dishes grace the book covers and recipes that line the inside pages of every kind of cookbook you could imagine existed."

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