Seattle Mystery Bookshop--Even Paint on Walls--for Sale

Seattle Mystery Bookshop in Seattle, Wash., is for sale.

In a post called "We are not closing, we are just for sale," owner J.B. Dickey noted that the store's IndieGoGo campaign early last year--which raised more than $50,000--had allowed the store to "pay off overdue bills and to sock away enough to see us through this past winter. It bought us a year--but barely, and that has taken its toll. While we could do another such fund raiser, that's not a viable way to continue in business.

"What this shop needs is someone who will invest their time and money in it. Should you or someone you know seriously want to become a bookshop owner, please let us know. Founder Bill Farley used to joke that everything in the shop was for sale, even the paint on the walls. Now that is true."

While the store is for sale, it's limiting some transactions. Among them: it's no longer accepting used books for credit or collectable books for consignment; special orders must be paid for in advance; credit slips and gift certificates must be used by August 31.

Seattle Mystery Bookshop was founded 27 years ago by the late William D. Farley, who sold the store to Dickey in 1999.

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