Obituary Note: Geoffrey Godbert

British poet and editor Geoffrey Godbert, who "published more than a dozen collections of his own poetry; was joint editor of the Greville Press with Harold Pinter and Anthony Astbury; and produced two very successful anthologies, 100 Poems by a Hundred Poets (1986) and 99 Poems in Translation (1994)," died July 3, the Guardian reported. He was 80.

In a tribute, William Oxley wrote that knowing he "could not make a living solely from writing poems," Godbert "joined the publicity department of the publisher Bodley Head.... His first collection, Ides of March (1975), attracted the attention of W.S. Graham and George Barker, two poets especially liked by Pinter; in turn, it drew Pinter to Geoffrey's work. When Geoffrey and his friend Astbury, a schoolmaster and poet, decided soon afterwards to found a small press named after the 17th-century poet Fulke Greville, Pinter became involved. For many years, with his aid as patron, they were able to publish fine press editions."

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