Bookmark It in Orlando to Close

Bookmark It, Orlando, Fla., which opened in 2013, then last year moved its home location and added presences in other businesses, will close in early September, the Sentinel reported. "My heart mission was to bring readers and writers together," said owner Kim Britt. "The book business is challenging. You are up against challenges on both sides."

On the bookstore's Facebook page Tuesday, Britt wrote: "In December 2013 Bookmark It started our story with the simple goal of shining a spotlight on Central Florida's literary community. Over the past 3 1/2 years we've proudly done just that... As with any well-spun tale we had our share of drama and adventures, unexpected plot twists, and harrowing escapes... even a love story or two! But despite all our hard work and heartfelt intentions, running this little book business proved no match to the required fiscal and time constraints so (after much soul-searching and number-crunching) we've made the difficult decision to close.... In short, I guess the Bookmark It novel has turned out to be a short story."

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