TV: H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter

H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter, which will premiere nationwide November 1 on PBS stations as part of the network's popular Nature series, features Helen Macdonald, author of the 2014 international bestselling memoir H Is for Hawk.

A decade after she trained a goshawk named Mabel in the wake of her father's unexpected death, Macdonald "is ready to take on the challenge again, prompted by watching how a pair of wild goshawks reared their chicks in an English forest," WNET noted. "This Nature film accompanies her on visits to the pair’s nest to observe the latest developments and follows Macdonald’s emotional and intimate journey as she adopts a young goshawk and attempts to raise it as her own: feeding, nurturing, and training her new charge in the hopes the months of preparation will culminate in a successful first free flight." In addition to the training sequences, the program features Macdonald reflecting on her childhood obsession with birds, illustrated with old home video and photographs.

For Nature, Fred Kaufman is executive producer. H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter is a Mike Birkhead Associates production for THIRTEEN Productions LLC and BBC Studios in association with WNET.

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