Books Are My Bag Hooks Up with eHarmony

For this year's Books Are My Bag campaign, the Booksellers Association of the U.K. and Ireland is partnering with online dating service eHarmony to promote independent bookstores "as the perfect destination for a romantic date," the Bookseller reported. Though the exact terms of the partnership haven't been nailed down, eHarmony will recommend bookstores with cafes and bars as "stimulating rendezvous spots" to its 1.3 million users in the U.K. The goal of the partnership is to "highlight the variety and vibrancy of bookshops as destinations."

The Books Are My Bag campaign is in its fifth year and slated to print its millionth tote bag, with this year's collectors' edition tote going on sale on October 7, the same day as the Booksellers Association's annual Bookshop Day celebration. The organization's indie-focused, Black Friday alternative, meanwhile, has been renamed from "Civilized Saturday" to "Saturday Sanctuary," and will be held November 25. And on November 21, the BA will hold the second annual Books Are My Bag Readers Awards, which features shortlists selected by booksellers and decided by readers.

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