'If You Like This Store, You Shop at This Store'

"I'm so happy to be here in Dallas. You are so incredibly lucky to have this store, and I'm proud of you for realizing how lucky you are.... It is like the bar at Cheers. It is like the newsroom on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It is the beginning of your life in a sitcom that is going to be such a happy thing--and all of you, the customers, are going to be a part of that.... If you like this store, you shop at this store.... [L]ine up at the cash register and buy something tonight. And send a message that you care and that you love what your neighbors are doing in your community."

--Ann Patchett, author and Parnassus Books co-owner, speaking Monday night at the grand opening of Interabang Books in Dallas, Tex. (via the Dallas Morning News)
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