Amazon to Triple Warehouse Space in Mexico

Amazon plans to expand its operations in Mexico, and a key part of that is the building of a million-square-foot warehouse in Tepotzotlan, about 25 miles north of Mexico City, Reuters reported. Citing real estate professionals in Mexico, Reuters said that the warehouse would triple Amazon's distribution space in the country.

"Amazon's Mexico push comes amid talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, which could benefit the Seattle-based retailer if the United States persuades Mexico to raise a $50 limit on the value of online purchases that can be imported duty-free," Reuters wrote.

Amazon is the country's third-largest online retailer with sales in Mexico estimated at $253 million.


In other Amazon news, the company will open a million-square-foot warehouse in Shelby, Mich., its third fulfillment center in the state. The facility will focus on larger products, such as household decor, sporting equipment and gardening tools. The company has a sortation center as well as a corporate office in Detroit.

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