Awards: Stephan Russo Social Justice

The Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice has chosen a shortlist of six titles for this year's inaugural award, named after the former Goddard Riverside executive director and celebrating "the power of the written word to create change in the name of justice for all people." The winner will be announced at Goddard Riverside's annual gala on November 1 in New York City. The shortlisted books are:

Reading with Patrick by Michelle Kuo (Random House)

Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America by James Forman (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women by Susan Burton (The New Press)

How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS by David France (Knopf)

Dream Hoarders: How the American Upper Middle Class Is Leaving Everyone Else in the Dust, Why That Is a Problem, and What to Do About It by Richard Reeves (Brookings Institute Press)

No One Cares About Crazy People: The Chaos and Heartbreak of Mental Health in America by Ron Powers (Hachette)

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