Awards: Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book; Christy

Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine, published in the U.S. by Norton, won the £25,000 (about $33,690) Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize, which celebrates "outstanding popular science books from around the world and is open to authors of science books written for a non-specialist audience."

Richard Fortey, chair of the judging panel, said: "A cracking critique of the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus hypothesis, Cordelia Fine takes to pieces much of the science on which 'fundamental' gender differences are predicated. Graced with precisely focused humor, the author makes a good case that men and women are far more alike than many would claim. Feminist? Possibly. Humanist? Certainly. A compellingly good read."

Judge and broadcaster Claudia Hammond added: "Testosterone Rex stood out from the start. It takes scientific research out of the lab and into our everyday lives in a way that's forensic, yet compassionate. Fine's entertaining, well-informed voice has made a cogent and important case for overhauling the idea that one molecule rules gender divisions. It made me question some of my own assumptions."


The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association has announced 27 finalists in nine categories of the 18th annual Christy Awards, which "celebrate excellence in the art of Christian fiction and honor the power of story." The winners will be announced at an awards gala on November 8 in Nashville, Tenn. The finalists can be seen here.

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