PubWest GoFundMe Campaign for Conference Scholarships

PubWest has launched a GoFundMe "Next Generation Campaign" to raise funds for the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship, which is designed "to help aspiring publishers thrive in the publishing industry." PubWest aims to raise enough money so that the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship can send five scholarship recipients--publishing interns or first- and second-year publisher employees--to the annual PubWest Conference, which will be held next in Pasadena, Calif., February 15-17, 2018. The scholarships cover conference tuition, travel, lodging, conference intensives, and other optional events. Donations to the GoFundMe campaign, which has a goal of $5,000, can be made here.

"PubWest firmly believes in the future of publishing, and as a long-standing trade association, one of our central roles is to promote publishing as a lifelong profession," said PubWest executive director Kent Watson. "The career trajectory of past scholarship recipients has been incredible, and this year we decided to extend our fundraising outreach to all industry professionals who want to support the next publishing generation."

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