Obituary Note: Kit Reed

Kit Reed, "a prolific author with an astonishing range who published work consistently for almost 60 years, writing outstanding novels and stories in various genres for children, teens and adults," died September 24, Locus magazine reported. She was 85.

Her many novels include Mormama (2017), The Baby Merchant (2006) and the Alex Award winner Thinner than Thou (2004), as well as short fiction collections like the Shirley Jackson Awards finalists What Wolves Know (2011) and The Story Until Now (2013). She also published numerous mainstream novels and psychological thrillers as Kit Craig, and a horror novel, Blood Fever (1986), under the name Shelley Hyde.

At Boing Boing, author Cory Doctorow wrote: "Reed was a friend of mine, and also one of the writers I admired most in the world. She was funny, incisive, and incredibly prolific. As her son Mack Reed wrote, 'She loved like a child, worked like a stevedore, cursed like a sailor and traveled and sampled the world with Twainian zest. She was the most two-fisted woman I have ever known, never completely happy unless she was in motion, juggling too many things.' "

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