'A Bookseller's Prayer'

"The subject of the intro here was supposed to be about the 'hardest part of the job' for me.... Turns out the 'hardest part of the job' is just to keep going some days. To do the work. My job (our job... I don't do this alone) is to make you happy. That's a tough job today. In fact, it's been a tough job for a while now. I don't care what your affiliations are, the world has felt pretty dark for some time.... So, here is my prayer, offered to wherever these things go, to wherever you need it to be:

"For all of us: comfort, safety, and security./ When these are not possible: strength and endurance./ When strength and endurance aren't enough: the courage to pull ourselves up and/ make the world better one human interaction at a time.

"That's it. That's the whole thing. I wish it was better."

--Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, Va., in the intro to her store's e-newsletter yesterday
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