Obituary Note: Nora Johnson

Novelist and memoirist Nora Johnson, "who had an early success with The World of Henry Orient, which was later made into a film with the help of her screenwriter father, Nunnally Johnson," died October 5, the New York Times reported. She was 84. In her novels, Johnson often drew on her experiences with her father, and her upbringing as a child of divorce, while her memoirs "told of a childhood spent amid glamour, living in New York with her mother but spending considerable time with her father and stepmother in Hollywood," the Times wrote.

Johnson's other novels include The Two of Us (1984), Tender Offer (1985) and Perfect Together (1991). She also wrote the memoirs Coast to Coast: A Family Romance (2004) and You Can Go Home Again: An Intimate Journey (1982).

Johnson's third and last marriage--to George Johnston in 2006--inspired a 2013 essay about their late-life relationship and his death for the "Modern Love" series featured by the Times, which noted that "the piece remains one of the most heavily read 'Modern Love' essays ever published."

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