Foyles Launching Subscription Book Club

Later this month, U.K. bookstore Foyles is planning to launch "A Year of Books," a subscription book club that will initially be offered in six packages: hardcover fiction, paperback fiction, hardcover nonfiction, paperback nonfiction, children's and fiction in translation, the Bookseller reported. Prices will range from £135-£250 (about $175-$330) per year.

"We are going to be relaunching what was a very important part of our business in the 1950s and 1960s, what was known then as the Foyles Book Club," said CEO Paul Currie. "We are going to be relaunching it as a subscription service, a personally curated range of books that are targeted at groups of people that value reading as part of their lifestyle. We believe that the curation and the development of the range of books that go into the subscriptions will be unique. We are really excited about that and we think it will lead onto a lot of future development."

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