The Book of Lost Fragrances

M.J. Rose (The Hypnotist) once again takes readers on a time-defying journey filled with passion and danger in The Book of Lost Fragrances, with a story that links reincarnation to the sense most likely to trigger memories: scent.

Siblings Jac and Robbie L'Etoile descend from a long line of perfumers, but Jac turned her back on her inherited talent with fragrances to become a mythologist. Now, with one parent dead and the other institutionalized, Jac learns that the family perfumery is nearing bankruptcy. Robbie believes he can reverse their fortunes if he can replicate a scent that has been a family legend since 1799, a fragrance powerful enough to cause past-life memories with one whiff. The last vestiges of this mystical pomade cling to a few shards of pottery in the L'Etoiles' possession, but dangerous forces will do anything to obtain the fragments. A mystery stretching back 2,000 years to the fabled perfume factory of Cleopatra will pit the siblings against triad assassins, embroil them in the Chinese-Tibetan conflict and reunite Jac with her long-lost first love.

A kaleidoscope of memorable characters and exotic locales come together to fulfill destinies and unlock the secrets of the past. Elements of both thriller and paranormal romance dominate, and the insights Rose offers on the methods and science of perfumery throughout history add a fascinating top note. A full-color glossary of terms from Rose's extensive research provides an esthetically pleasing method of expanding the reader's knowledge without adding unnecessary weight to the narrative. --Jaclyn Fulwood, blogger, Infinite Reads

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