Island of Silence: The Unwanteds, Book Two

In this action-packed sequel to The Unwanteds, Lisa McMann turns the tables on the once privileged Wanteds in favor of the Unwanteds.

Months following the deadly battle fought in the first book, the mage Mr. Today removes the gate that once separated Quill, a regulated land, from Artimé, home of creative innovators. This allows Quill's Wanteds and Necessaries a new way of life in a once-hidden world of choices, bright colors and wandering creatures. In Artimé, Mr. Today proposes to 14-year-old Alex Stowe that he train him to one day lead Artimé after he retires. Alex is hesitant to accept. "What if I don't want to have a lifelong battle with my brother?" Alex replies. Meanwhile, Alex's twin, Aaron, the prodigy Wanted, has been demoted after his leader was killed and he was banished from the university to live on the streets. Patiently he plots his return to power, recruiting Wanteds and Necessaries along the way.

Close to assuming leadership, Alex's impulse to trust all new residents of Artimé may prove to be his downfall when Aaron's spy joins Alex's close company. The island of silence plays its role, but Artimé remains center stage, ready for battle, each conflict more devastating than the last. The conflict plays out with new fatal spells and enough fire-breathing origami dragons to ignite the interest of Harry Potter fans.

As Aaron rises from his fall from grace, and Alex steps up as a leader, readers won't want to miss this heated battle. --Adam Silvera, former bookseller

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