What appears to be an ordinary paranormal mystery on the surface will surprise readers with its psychological twists.

Jules Demarco keeps receiving the same haunting vision: a truck careens into a building and explodes, resulting in nine body bags laid out in the snow. Jules is an ordinary girl who runs deliveries for her family's pizzeria, and she can't decide if her visions are real or if she's crazy like her depressed grandfather who committed suicide when she was little. Jules keeps seeing the vision on billboards and television, but grows obsessed with stopping the explosion after she makes out the face on one of the dead: Sawyer Angotti, a boy who works at her family's rival restaurant, and whom Jules is in love with.

Lisa McMann (the Wake trilogy) creates many obstacles for her doomed hero. Not only is Jules's mundane lifestyle interrupted with these haunting visions, but she must also try to convince the Angotti family, who have hated the Demarcos for generations, that she's trying to save their lives. As she did with Dead to You, the author keeps readers speculating about the realities of everything, with deftly balanced suspense and an unreliable narrator. The ending comes hurtling to a close and shifts the rules for the second book in this series. Fans of McMann's Wake trilogy will race through this one. --Adam Silvera, reviewer and former bookseller

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