BAM Draws DC Comics Battle Line Against Kindle Fire

Books-A-Million has ordered the removal of 100 DC graphic novels from its 200-plus bookstores just days after Barnes & Noble did the same in response to DC Comics's plan to release e-versions of those publications exclusively on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet (Shelf Awareness, October 7, 2011).

BAM president Terry Finley said supporting any publisher that "selectively limits distribution of their content" is not in the interest of the company's customers, Publishers Weekly reported. Finley added: "We will not promote titles in our stores showrooms if publishers choose to pursue these exclusive arrangements that create an uneven playing field in the marketplace."

Comics Alliance noted that while BAM sells B&N's Nook reader, there is "no direct indication from BAM as to whether or not that deal is a factor in the retailer's boycott of printed material over a decidedly digital matter, however."

Comic Book Resources pointed out that DC’s deal with Amazon "apparently only lasts for four months, beginning November 15, so it remains to be seen whether Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million will return the graphic novels to their shelves when the exclusive arrangement lapses in mid-March."

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