Apple's 'Breakout Books' to Highlight Self-Published Titles

Apple has introduced Breakout Books, which organizes popular self-published e-books and displays them prominently on iBookstore under this introduction: "Find the next sensation with this hand-picked collection of books from emerging talents. All are independently published directly to the iBookstore and have earned high ratings from customers like you. Check back regularly--new titles are added as they begin taking off."

The New York Times reported that the new feature will be showcased on the iBookstore's main page for at least two weeks, after which it "will remain a permanent feature on the site, though not always with such high-profile display." Currently the focus is on genre titles, including mystery, SF/fantasy and mysteries/thrillers, with a fourth section called "More to Explore."

PaidContent noted that "Amazon intensely promotes self-published Kindle books, and now Apple is taking steps toward doing the same thing."

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