Arcturus Publishing: A Wealth of Knowledge

Arcturus Publishing, London, England, is committed to offering exciting, high-quality titles for readers of all ages in a wide range of popular subject areas, including fresh takes on literary classics, reference, New Age, children's puzzle and activity books, self-help and practical art. It has more than 1,000 active titles and aims to provide an entertaining bridge between the subject and reader that will speak to a broad market.

The list features such bestselling series as A Degree in a Book and Knowledge in a Nutshell, Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls, slipcase editions of classics like The Iliad and Dracula, the Great Reads boxed sets and historical books about World War II. Major authors include Martin King, author of The Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's Final Gamble in Western Europe (called "our expert in the Ardennes" by Stephen Ambrose); Allen Carr, the smoking cessation and addiction expert whose books have sold more than 16 million copies worldwide; acclaimed art and graphic designer Barrington Barger; and puzzle aficionado Ben Addler.

Among important current and upcoming titles:

Amazing Wordsearch by Ben Addler (November 15, 9781789507232). Part of the Ingenious Puzzles series, this book contains more than 250 puzzles, all designed to give the user's brain a fun and stimulating workout.

The Iliad by Homer (October 15, 9781789505597). This is a collector's edition, in a slipcase, of Western literature's oldest text, about the horrors and heroics of war. The translation by Samuel Butler, who was one of the finest English writers of the Victorian era, is very accessible and satisfying.

101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science by Claire Philip (December 15, 9781788883764). This new addition to the wildly bestselling 101 Awesome Women series tells the stories of 101 amazing women and the ways in which they changed science. They represent a wide range of nationalities and ages as well as fields, including physical chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, biology, astrophysics and astronomy. The text includes biographies, quotations and facts, all brought to life with charming illustrations.

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