More BTPS Publisher Clients

Among BTPS's other publisher clients are:

Aviation Supplies and Academics, Newcastle, Wash., which was founded in 1940 and offers pilot training and education books as well as a range of pilot materials and supplies.

Allison & Busby, London, which was founded in 1967 and publishes a range of fiction and nonfiction, including crime, mystery & thrillers, science fiction & fantasy, YA, historical, literary and contemporary fiction as well as true crime, biography & memoirs, popular culture, food & cooking, and more.

CityFiles Press, Chicago, which publishes a limited number of titles--12 books in 10 years--striving, it says, "to produce meaningful projects with emotional and artistic impact... We savor all the steps in the book publishing process--from authorship and design to production, promotion and distribution. We also work with partners to create exhibits, movies, and music scores."

The Innovation Press, which focuses on children's books--from innovative activity books to clever fiction--that inspire learning, enliven creative thinking, and spark imaginations. 

Nomad Press, White River Junction, Vt., an educational publisher dedicated to sparking the interest of young readers in the world around them. Its titles include biographies, project-based narratives, nonfiction picture books, and historical mysteries.

Bushel & Peck Books, a new children's book publisher whose first titles are A Child's Gift of Lullabies, Big Words for Fearless Girls, 50 Real Heroes for Boys and The Interactive Constitution.

Sweet Cherry Publishing, Leicester, England, a children's book publisher that believes "all children should have access to great stories and endeavor to break down the barriers which often get in the way of reading."

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