New Trade Imprint: Leading Non-Fiction for All

Lynn Fisher

The University of Toronto Press is expanding its publishing program with a new non-fiction trade imprint launching in 2020 that will publish between four and eight titles annually written by established authors. Its first titles include a look at the climate crisis and an authoritative take on self-regulation and how it can help build a just society.

Noting that in the past several years, UTP has received multiple submissions from high-profile authors attracted to the press's "reputation as Canada's leading publisher of serious non-fiction," Lynn Fisher, VP of Book Publishing, said that the press had to defer those proposals because they were for "a wider, more general audience than the scholarly monographs and textbooks we regularly publish." Those books, she continued, would need "another level of editorial and marketing support."

After careful consideration, UTP decided to expand the publishing program so that it could "properly support and sell those trade titles." Among the new trade imprint's first titles are:

Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society by Stuart Shanker. The renowned psychologist's previous books Calm, Alert, and Learning and Self-Reg were written for educators and parents. Reframed, the final book in the trilogy, unpacks the scientific and conceptual practices that are the lifeblood of Shanker's highly influential approach to self-regulation, making it an accessible read for new self-reggers. (May 2020, $34.95 hardcover, 9781487506315.)

Solved: How the World's Great Cities Are Fixing the Climate Crisis by David Miller. We can't wait for national leaders to save the planet, says David Miller. It's time to pin our hopes for global change on cities. By duplicating the actions of nine leading cities, at pace and scale, in major cities all around the world, we can end the climate crisis today. (October 2020, $32.95 hardcover, 9781487506827.) (See Q&A with David Miller below.)

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