The Shelf Awareness 15-Year Index

1. Number of subscribers for our first issue, 15 years ago today: 587.

2. Estimated number of subscribers who will see today's issue of Shelf Pro: 42,000.

3. Number of subscribers who read our consumer-facing publication, Shelf Awareness for Readers: 525,000.

4. Number of subscribers who received our newest baby, the Pre-Order E-blast: 488,540. 

5. Number of mornings that John Mutter has risen at 6 a.m. to send out Shelf Pro: Most of our 3,769 issues.

6. Number of nights Jenn Risko somehow thought it best to not sleep, but to stay up worrying/planning/brainstorming: More than she cares to admit. 

7. Numbers of employees and freelancers in the first year, aside from John and Jenn: 0

8. Number of current employees and freelancers today: 80

9. Total lifetime number of e-newsletters Shelf Awareness has sent: 486 million. (And now, we need a nap!)

10. Number of e-newsletters the Shelf has sent on behalf of the ABA, PNBA, CALIBA and MPIBA: 34.6 million.

11. Number of ads over the lifetime of the Shelf: More than 20,000 paid, and at least double that in gratis re-runs, 'cause we are GIVERS.

12. Estimated number of bottles of wine consumed: Okay, we did the math. Maybe a bit more than we want to reveal.

13. Number of mornings we sent the issue on auto-pilot because of aforementioned wine: Classified.

14. Number of mornings we worked to send the Shelf out with no power or Internet: 7.

15. Number of times the Shelf didn't go out: 0

16. Average number of folks every year who are fooled by our April Fool's issue: many more than will admit to it.

17. Most-cited "favorite first line of a novel" in our Reading With... interviews: "Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice." --Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

18.  Number of times we've heard how much our colleagues love and appreciate what we do: Countless.

19.  Number of times we get sick of hearing this: 0

20. Percentage of time we feel we can't thank our readers, advertisers and employees nearly enough: Pretty much all the time.

21. Number of years we want to keep doing this: Many, many more.

22. Percentage of time we miss seeing you IRL: All the time.
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