New Releases from Three Classic Bloomsbury Authors

Samantha Shannon

Bloomsbury has been Samantha Shannon's publisher for a decade now, working with her across both The Bone Season and Roots of Chaos series. "In those years," writes Senior Editor Grace McNamee, "Samantha has gone from 21-year-old writer-to-watch to the New York Times bestselling author of two incredible series, whose books have sold millions of copies and become TikTok sensations. Samantha's artistic development is especially reflected in her revisions for this new, anniversary edition of her very first book, The Bone Season."

The Bone Season: Tenth Anniversary Edition by Samantha Shannon

A lavishly reimagined and revised tenth anniversary edition of the New York Times bestselling first novel in the sensational Bone Season series.

Samantha's fans have flocked to the Author's Preferred Text, making it a USA Today bestseller a decade on from its initial publication. We're so excited to bring Samantha's fans additional revised, Preferred Text versions of Samantha's later Bone Season books, The Mime Order, The Song Rising, and The Mask Falling in 2024. And we're thrilled to announce, coming in 2025, the exciting release of Samantha's fifth Bone Season book.

Other titles by Samantha Shannon include the two-book Roots of Chaos series: The Priory of the Orange Tree and A Day of Fallen Night.


Roz Chast

"Roz is a national treasure!" writes Publishing Director Nancy Miller. "Bloomsbury has been publishing Roz since 2006, and it's been a sheer joy to watch the depth and breadth of her readership grow with each book. Her imaginative leaps in I Must Be Dreaming and her ability to translate her fun, fantastical, wacky vision into living color results in a book that is both hilarious and deep, and feels universal. And we're already looking forward to Roz's next book: her fans will be thrilled to hear that we've recently acquired her new graphic narrative, in collaboration with her fellow New Yorker cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein, called The Two Saddest Kitchens."

I Must Be Dreaming by Roz Chast

From the beloved New Yorker cartoonist and #1 New York Times bestselling author Roz Chasther hilarious new full-color graphic narrative, exploring the surreal nighttime world inside her mind.

Ancient Greeks, modern seers, Freud, Jung, neurologists, poets, artists, shamans—humanity has never ceased trying to decipher one of the strangest unexplained phenomena we all experience: dreaming. Now in her new book, Roz Chast illustrates her own dream world, a place that is sometimes creepy but always uproarious and often profound—accompanied by an illustrated tour through "Dream-Theory Land" guided by insights from poets, philosophers, and psychoanalysts alike. I Must Be Dreaming explores Roz Chast's newest subject of fascination—and promises to make it yours, too.

Other titles by Roz Chast include Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir and Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York.


Mark Kurlansky

"Bloomsbury has been publishing Mark Kurlansky for more than two decades, beginning with his now-classic, James Beard Award winning, genre-defining Cod," writes his long-time editor Nancy Miller. "Over the course of those years, his readers and I have had the pleasure of learning about everything imaginable in the world—not only with each book, but with each illuminating, delightful paragraph. What's special about The Core of an Onion is that it happens to be Mark's most delicious book yet, with recipes meant to be cooked and savored and swooned over, not just viewed as historical artifacts. And because it's Mark, each recipe has a story to tell. And our long collaboration continues: Bloomsbury has just signed up Mark's next book, Lobsters!"

The Core of an Onion by Mark Kurlansky

"Kurlansky manages to make the cultivation and culinary use of the onion feel like an epic tale as he follows the beloved allium across history, across the globe, and of course, across our plates."—Eater, Best Food Books of Fall 2023

As Julia Child once said, "It is hard to imagine a civilization without onions." Historically she's been right—and not just in the kitchen. Flourishing in just about every climate and culture around the world, onions have provided the essential basis not only for sautés, stews, and sauces, but for medicines, metaphors, and folklore. Featuring historical images throughout, and celebrating the raw, roasted, creamed, marinated, and pickled, The Core of an Onion shares the secrets to celebrated Parisian chef Alain Senderen's onion soup eaten to cure late-night drunkenness; Hemingway's raw onion and peanut butter sandwich; and the Gibson, a debonaire gin martini garnished with a pickled onion—exploring, delectably, how and why onions reign from Italy to India and everywhere in between.

Other books by Mark Kurlansky include The Unreasonable Virtue of Fly Fishing and Milk!: A 10,000-Year Food Fracas.

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