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Inkyard Press: A Show for Two by Tashie Bhuiyan

Bethany House Publishers: When the Day Comes (Timeless) by Gabrielle Meyer

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The Mastermind (A Rivers Wilde Novella)

by Dylan Allen

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Rivers Wilde! The master-planned enclave's popularity has never been higher. The old guard still have the run of the place. But there are plenty of new arrivals--few as notorious as the Royales.

Our heroine, Jules, is a stranger to the family at the start of the story. But, by the end, she'll be at the center of the scandal that rips them apart.

She and Omar's unpredictable path toward happily-ever-after has moments of doubt and plenty of drama. But take heart, dear reader! Because this is Rivers Wilde. The drama may rule, but love always wins.

Dylan Allen

Available on Kobo

1001 Dark Nights Press

Pub Date: 
February 8, 2022


List Price: 
$2.99 e-book

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