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Book Review

House on Fire
(A Nick Heller Novel)
by Joseph Finder
isbn: 9781101985847
January 21, 2020

an exclusive interview with
bestselling author Joseph Finder  

HOUSE ON FIRE tackles an issue very much in the news these days--and the opioid crisis has been making its way into plenty of fiction, as well. Beyond the importance of the issue itself, can you please share what inspired this story?

“A few years ago, I read an article about a philanthropic billionaire family that got rich off of opioids. When word got around about where much of this family’s money came from, people began to protest. To demand their name be stripped from museums and libraries and universities around the world. And I wondered, what must that feel like, to be blamed for the opioid crisis, to be so widely despised--while at the same time so immensely privileged? So that brought me to the opioid crisis, which has become so widespread and acute. It’s about the painkillers that have ultimately caused so much pain, a paradox any writer would respond to.”

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CARTIER’S HOPE by M. J. ROSE: A new release from M. J. Rose will always excite historical thriller and mystery fans--but when the book is set in the New York of 1910 and has a plot based on the legendary Hope Diamond, it becomes a must-read. Find out more here.

TROUBLE IS WHAT I DO by WALTER MOSLEY: “Renaissance Man” Walter Mosley’s TROUBLE IS WHAT I DO is a short, but effective, book that reacquaints readers with his morally ambiguous private investigator, Leonid McGill in what could be his most dangerous assignment yet. Read more at The Big Thrill.

THE OTHER PEOPLE by C. J. TUDOR: C.J. Tudor’s latest offering--THE OTHER PEOPLE--is a propulsive thriller with just enough horror elements to have you reaching for the light switch before you walk into a room you know by heart. Find out more here.

TURN TO STONE by JAMES W. ZISKIN: Ellie Stone hears The Beatles for the first time in TURN TO STONE, which is just one of the delightful throw-backs in the seventh novel of James Ziskin’s award-winning series. Visit The Big Thrill for more.

THE THIRD TO DIE by ALLISON BRENNAN: When you’re a New York Times bestselling author of more than 30 novels and write three books a year, how do you keep things fresh? If you’re Allison Brennan, you begin a new series. Read more here.

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