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IDW: In Memoriam - John Lewis, Congressman, Icon, Beloved Author

Familius: Over in the Woodland: A Mythological Counting Journey by Nicole Abreu, Susanna Covelli, Shar Abreu

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Dear Reader,

When I was little, I dreamed of being a princess. First, Disney princesses, and then, real royal families. My intrigue has grown stronger over the years. I’ve watched documentaries and read accounts of their history and traditions. With the Sexy Royals, I wanted to create a royal family with traditional values living in today’s world. I hope you are able to get lost in this story and enjoy my take on this fairytale.

Claire Contreras

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1001 Dark Nights Press

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May 12, 2020


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Dear Reader,

El Chapo probably never imagined a rival like Beth Stavola. Yet, the glamorous Jersey mom of six managed to build one of the biggest marijuana empires in the US -- legally.

In The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream, you will follow Beth and three other improbable entrepreneurs racing to cash in on cannabis. The page turner tells the story of pot’s astonishing rebranding from the “evil weed” to the center of a multi-billion dollar boom.

I’m excited to give away five books. Please email me at with the subject line: New Chardonnay giveaway.

Thank you!
Heather Cabot

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August 11, 2020


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