Not-for-Parents Paris: Everything You Wanted to Know

Though it may seem to adults that a child going to Paris is a lucky child indeed, some children, feeling trapped in an endless hall of old paintings, may not see what the fuss is all about.

Enter Lonely Planet's new series, meant to make sense of all those paintings and buildings. Aimed at children 8-12, this is a great basic guide to contemporary and historical Paris, full of pictures and simple explanations that help make the city come alive. It also includes things about Paris that you probably won't find in your grown-up guide, such as an explanation of the sewers and the background of Asterix. Whether it's read on the plane ride over or the benches of the Louvre, this guide will make Paris more than one croque monsieur after another. Oh, and if you've never understood what the big deal is about Impressionism, you might want to skim it first before you hand it over. Also available for Rome (9781742208183), London (9781742208169) and New York (9781742208152). --Stephanie Anderson (aka Bookavore), manager of WORD bookstore

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