What Animals Really Like

The animal kingdom has had it with our assumptions about their favorite activities. They finally take a stand and put an end to the stereotypes in this silly and wonderful picture book.

Robinson (The Useful Moose) sends up traditional picture book tropes and standard rhyming schemes, and the result is a book that will give you and anyone in earshot the giggles. Her detailed artwork rewards multiple trips through the pages. The opening gatefold (a clever play on opening the curtain) depicts the animals neatly in rows, ready for their performance of the beaver conductor's song. Within the first verse, they're breaking ranks, and by the closing gatefold, chaos reigns. The animals are so well drawn that it's easy to see their individual personalities and imagine why they want to set the record straight. Both children and their parents will enjoy reading this over and over again. And they may ask themselves, why should cows be stuck mooing all the time, anyway? --Stephanie Anderson (aka Bookavore), manager of WORD bookstore

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