Standing in Another Man's Grave

Ian Rankin returns to his famed detective John Rebus with Standing in Another Man's Grave, a stunning tribute to his late friend, singer and songwriter Jackie Leven. Not only is the novel dedicated to Leven's memory, the title derives from Rebus's mishearing of the lyrics of one of his songs.

Five years into retirement, Rebus, working as a civilian on cold cases for the Serious Crimes Review Unit, is considering reapplying to CID. When a young woman goes missing, Rita Hazlitt shows up at the SCRU office with a serial kidnapping theory. Hazlitt's daughter disappeared along the same highway on New Year's Eve 1999; at least two other young women have vanished since then. But no one has been willing to take her seriously--until Rebus. He agrees to take a look at the cases, oblivious of the mayhem he's about to step into. Despite forces working against him from every direction, Rebus uncovers startling facts, making him more determined than ever to solve the case.

Standing in Another Man's Grave introduces Rebus to another Rankin character--Malcolm Fox from The Complaints--while also stirring up former adversaries and colleagues. Rankin's poetic language, subtle humor and artful approach to weaving music into the prose combine with his rich characters and suspenseful plot to create a reading experience stimulating to all the senses. Whether a newcomer to Rankin's world or a devoted fan, Standing in Another Man's Grave is sure to exceed expectations. --Jen Forbus of Jen's Book Thoughts

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