In his seductively fascinating debut novel, Indiscretion, Charles DuBow poses the question, "What does the man who has everything desire?" It's hard to imagine Harry wanting anything more in his idyllic life: he's an exceptional athlete and award-winning author happily married to a smart, loving woman whose beauty is legendary. They throw fabulous parties, fly planes and generally live a charmed, golden life that, despite their wealth, seems to emphasize the things that really matter in life.

Enter Claire, a young dazzling woman who becomes a part of their social circle and falls for Harry. Harry adores his wife, Maddy, and their son, but he's powerless against his profound connection with the exciting Claire--and she has no scruples in getting what she wants. In fact, she can't seem to help herself; she's overwhelmed by her feelings for this fabulous, accomplished older man.

Indiscretion draws you in like a beautiful, intriguing woman you meet on a long train ride. Harry and Claire's affair begins to lose its luster (as most clandestine arrangements do) once it's out in the open, and judgment and contempt trump desire, but DuBow isn't going to let Harry get away too easily. The story's tone transforms from glamorously erotic and appealing to a cautionary tale that will linger in the darkest part of your heart long after you've completed this stunning tale of love and loss. --Natalie Papailiou, author of blog MILF: Mother I'd Like to Friend

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