Young Frank, Architect

It may be coincidence that many famous architects have been named Frank--Gehry, Lloyd Wright--but to that list we can now add Young Frank and Old Frank, at the heart of this delightful picture book.

Young Frank's expansive view of architecture includes whole cities and chairs, and his grandfather Old Frank insists that architects design single buildings and nothing else. After they visit the Museum of Modern Art and see that both are correct, they return home and make a bit of everything--even a chair for their dog, Eddie.

Viva's (Along a Long Road) lively art style makes a perfect match for the classics of architecture; his crisp lines and distinct palette will keep even youngest readers engaged. Most importantly, the creativity of Old Frank and Young Frank is infectious, and will inspire kids to build their own towers and creations. Have empty boxes at the ready! --Stephanie Anderson, head of readers' advisory at the Darien Library and blogger

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