Picture Me Gone

In the unerring voice of 12-year-old Mila, Meg Rosoff (There Is No Dog) unlocks a mystery that takes her heroine from precocious child to young woman over the span of her Easter holiday.

Mila and her father, Gil, are preparing to leave London to visit Gil's oldest and best friend, Matthew, in New York. But Gil receives a call from Matthew's wife: Matthew has disappeared. Mila is good at solving puzzles, and she has always wanted to thank Matthew for saving her father's life. Prior to their departure, Catlin, Mila's estranged best friend, attempts a rapprochement. Mila thinks, "I didn't exactly miss her because she seemed like someone I no longer knew." Flashbacks of what passed between them become a lens for Mila as she tries to make sense of her father's friendship with Matthew.

With her discoveries about Matthew's messy life, Mila learns that her father has also kept secrets from her. "If a person can lie to you about one thing," Mila thinks, "he can lie about something else." Mila's sense of humor, intelligence and innate sense of justice will win readers over so that they feel the full impact of her sense of betrayal. --Jennifer M. Brown, children's editor, Shelf Awareness

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