The Other Story

Tatiana de Rosnay's The Other Story takes readers into a microcosm of dark family secrets and the quest for an individual's identity.

Nicholas Duhamel--internationally bestselling author, media sensation and 29-year-old heartthrob--takes a luxury vacation at a Tuscan resort, where he plans to spend time with his gorgeous girlfriend and work on his eagerly awaited second novel. The girlfriend, however, has grown increasingly sullen and jealous--and the novel doesn't exist, despite his assurances to his editor that it's well underway. Though his blockbuster debut came to him in a flash, Nicholas has no inspiration for another story. Instead of writing, he revels in his celebrity, obsesses over his social media presence and sexts a provocative fan in Berlin.

As he rests on his laurels, Nicholas slowly realizes that his most important relationships are crumbling due to his self-absorption. An unknown photographer begins posting photos of Nicholas to his Facebook page, leaving him feeling violated and exposed. As his life begins to spin out of control and the weight of his lies grows, Nicholas thinks back to the journey that inspired his life-altering book, a trip to Russia to search for the truth about his father, whom he lost under mysterious circumstances when he was a boy.

De Rosnay (The House I Loved; Sarah's Key) never shrinks from allowing Nicholas to make mistakes; she also skillfully underscores that Nicholas is a young man making a young man's mistakes. The tension of Nicholas's unsustainable half-truths and the gradual parceling out of his father's secrets will keep readers in de Rosnay's thrall, hoping redemption will come. --Jaclyn Fulwood, blogger at Infinite Reads

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