If You Only Knew

Wedding dress designer Jenny Tate realizes she's having a hard time distancing herself from her ex-husband, especially when she ends up delivering his baby after his new wife goes into labor unexpectedly. Determined to carve out a life of her own, without this weird ex-family situation, Jenny moves back home to Cambry-on-Hudson. She's excited to be close to her sister, Rachel, and her triplet nieces. It turns out that her move is perfectly timed to lend support when Rachel, who thought she had the perfect marriage, discovers sexts from a colleague on her husband's phone. Rachel isn't sure if she should give Adam a second chance for the sake of their daughters or if their marriage is over.

In a shift from her generally frothier romance novels, Kristan Higgins (Until There Was You) delves into love, sisterhood, loss and grief, as Rachel and Jenny navigate the romantic possibilities and betrayals in their paths. With a perfect balance of laugh-out-loud funny moments--usually created by Jenny's interactions with her extremely handsome neighbor--and some poignant, tear-inducing incidents, as the sisters muse on the death of their father and their own parents' seemingly flawless marriage, If You Only Knew is captivating.

The emotional journeys of these two very different but equally charming sisters makes for excellent reading. Quiet Rachel and outspoken Jenny have to find a way to make peace with their pasts and find a new future, relying on each other the whole way. If You Only Knew is sure to appeal to sisters everywhere. --Jessica Howard, blogger at Quirky Bookworm

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