Devil of Delphi

Jeffrey Siger is the author of six Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis mysteries. By now, Kaldis is resigned to the corruption rampant in Greek society, especially after the conspiracy he and Detective Yianni Kouros uncovered in the preceding Sons of Sparta. But even he is shocked to realize how prevalent the sale of bomba--counterfeit alcohol made of cheap booze, dangerous chemicals and even paint thinners, with authentic-looking labels slapped on--has become. When Kaldis and his team start digging into the bomba scandal that has caused several deaths in Athenian clubs, they find a world of mobsters and killers, with whispers of a terrifying boss known only as Teacher.

Kaldis and his detectives have to tread carefully: they don't want to step on the toes of Teacher, or of the members of Parliament and government officials who seem to have ties to the bomba production. Meanwhile, a shadowy killer known as Kharon (the name of the mythical ferryman to Hades) is wreaking havoc in Delphi. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's not long before an odd connection between Teacher and Kharon emerges.

Reminiscent of Breaking Bad on AMC, Devil of Delphi is violent, action-packed and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. With chapters told alternately from the perspective of the police and assorted criminals, the reader gets a glimpse at both sides of the story. The modern Greek setting, entertaining repartee between the detectives and the rapidly rising body count fuels this fine addition to Siger's suspenseful series. --Jessica Howard, blogger at Quirky Bookworm

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