Little Robot

A little robot and a little girl are both alone in the world, until they find each other and become fast friends.

With a lot of JONK! and MORP!--and not much more dialogue than that--the unlikely pair explores both junkyard and forest as the girl introduces her new robot buddy to the ways of the wilds around her trailer-park home, including the delights of petting cats. (This does not go well.) The pace quickens when readers learn that the little robot has fallen off the back of a delivery truck and is being pursued by a scary robot who is programmed to track stray shipments--soon placing a very large hurdle between the little girl and her new (and only) friend.

Thanks to Ben Hatke's (Zita the Spacegirl trilogy) expressive illustrations, there's more than one way to experience this charming, nearly wordless, full-color graphic novel, as the sweet story can be understood even by those who aren't yet reading. --Stephanie Anderson, assistant director for public services, Darien Library (Conn.)

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